About Us

Genesis 12:2“I will bless you…and you will be a blessing.” 

The Team

Members include (from left to right):  Betsey Lamson, Carol StertzerAnita Stephens, Lisa Houck, Vickie Fox, Garland Radloff, Kathy Levit,  Jackie Sergi, Linda Kuhlman,  Laurie Haven, and Maryellen Newmann (not shown)

Our mission is to develop a local Christian advocacy group focused on raising awareness and support for the anti-trafficking ministry of Tiny Hands International.   

Our hope is to make a difference in women and children’s lives somewhere in the world that is less fortunate than we are in the United States.    

Our goal is to generate a growing group of people who are passionate about spreading the good news to the poor and oppressed and ending human trafficking in Nepal, South Asia, and the world through ministries such as Tiny Hands International 

Human trafficking is one of the greatest injustices on our planet today.   There are nearly 36 million slaves in the world today--more than any time in history.  Over half of these are in South Asia.  Approximately 75% are women and girls and up to 50% are minors. 

Please join us in this quest by donating, becoming a prayer warrior, buying freedom products, hosting a product party, volunteering, or becoming a part of the mission field.

 Learn more at www.tinyhands.org

We ask you to join us in this or a similar endeavor to help those in need.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about our cause or ask a question, please contact any of us by emailing hhiadv01@hhiadvocatesforthi.com.